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About Me

My name is Shrey Patel and I'm from Gujarat, India. I'm 20 years old and currently studying Computer Science at Univeristy of Victoria, Canada. I have many years of experience creating software, mobile apps and website for both myself and for clients. I am self-motivated with huge knowledge and have experience in many programming languages such as C++, Java and Python, however some of my favourite projects involve working with Ionic Framework (Angular), HTML, CSS, JavaScript to develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android.

I am in third year of Computer Science and I am looking for an internship where I can use my technical and problem solving skills. I want to work with real world projects to learn professional behaviour which I can use developing my carrier.


A representation of my proficiency in each skill


My progress report


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Year's Experience


Hello, world! I'm a developer and designer.

> shrey.origin
  => "British Columbia, Canada"

> shrey.major
  => "Computer Science"

> shrey.expectedGraduation
  => "May 2020"

> shrey.course.completed
  => Computer Courses:
        CSC 106: "The Practice of Computer Science"
        CSC 110: "Fundamental of Programming I"
        CSC 115: "Fundamental of Programming II"
        CSC 225: "Algorithms and Data Structures I"
        CSC 230: "Introduction to Computer Architecture"
        SENG 265: "Software Development Methods"

     Math Courses:
        MATH 100: "Calculus I"
        MATH 101: "Calculus II"
        MATH 122: "Logic and Foundations"
        STAT 252: "Statistics for Business"

     English Courses:
        ENGL 135: "Academic Reading and Writing"
        ENGR 240: "Technical Writing"

> shrey.course.inProgress
  => Computer Courses:
        CSC 226: "Algorithms and Data Structures II"
        CSC 320: "Foundations of Computer Science"
        CSC 360: "Operating Systems"
        CSC 370: "Database Systems"
        SENG 310: "Human Computer Interaction"
        SENG 330: "Object-Oriented Software Development"

     Math Courses:
        MATH 202: "Intermediate Calculus for CSC"
        MATH 211: "Matrix Algebra"

> shrey.interests
  => ["Design", "Code", "coffee", "music", "dance", "bicycles"]

> shrey.workExperience.latest
  => Latest Work Experience
        company: "Webster's"
        role: "CEO & Developer"
        startDate: "March 2018"

> shrey.age
  => "20 Years old"

> shrey.dreamJob
  => "Senior Full Stack Developer"

  => ""


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*Note: Shrey is still working hard to develop portfolio section.

Thank you! Please visit later for more details on projects done by Shrey.


The trail of my journey


  • Courses completed at Udemy:

    1. The complete web developer in 2018: zero to mastery.

    2. The complete Angular course: beginner to advanced.

    3. Ionic 2/ Ionic 3 - Build iOS & Android apps with Angular.

    4. Mastering Ionic Native with Firebase.


  • Completed 12th grade from Nalanda International School, India.

  • Started with degree in bachelor's of Computer Science at University of Victoria.

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